About Us

Our unique and one of a kind Jewellery is handmade by the finest artist jewelers from around the world, which makes it exclusive and extremely unique.

We are a company, which above all else, does everything possible to ensure that our products are exceptional and unusual. That's why almost every piece of Jewellery in our store is created in only one copy with the thought of one, extraordinary person, which will become its owner one day. We want everyone who is our customer, to feel unique and aware they had acquired not only an object, but also a piece of our company. Our Jewellery is created with passion and has its discreet charm, which you will not find in any other Jewellery. We are absolutely convinced of that. Shopping with us, you can be certain, that you became an owner of a piece of Jewellery that no one else in the world will ever have.

Just like every woman is unique, the Jewellery which she wears should be unique as well. Our philosophy is making sure that everyone who shops with us will feel exactly this way.

When you shop for Jewellery in with SHREE GOVINDAM JEWELS, you not only have the certainty that you become the owner of a one of a one of a kind treasure in the world, but also we try to make the shopping experience with us a unique pleasure for our customers as well.

Our adventure with Jewellery started in JAIPUR City. It was there, in the center of the capital of the world, where we learned how to ensure uniqueness in our company. We realized that to make our customers love us, we must be like BEAUTIFUL WORLD. Wonderful, charming, great and seductive and at the same time solid, steadfast and unforgettable. This is exactly how SHREE GOVINDAM JEWELS tries to be every day.

We would like to everyone who will be our customer, to be conscious of the fact that they already joined our family, because SHREE GOVINDAM JEWELS is a company that is different from others. As our Jewellery is very exceptional, so are our customers.

Our huge family already has tens of thousands of members and still growing.

We wish you to be accompanied by our Jewellery every day, not only during special moments for you, but every day, even the most usual of days.

Thank you for visiting our store SHREE GOVINDAM JEWELS with our unique products. 

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