Gemstone Necklaces

Meticulously crafted top quality necklaces and carefully selected stones are the pride of our company. During the design stage of each of our necklaces we already try to imagine how such a necklace will look on a woman's neck. If the pattern or not is too bold, or whether the clustered stones will not be too colorful and last but not least if our pattern or necklace will attract admiring glances of others.

Our silver necklaces are made to meet the all these requirements, truly unique in their designs and at the same time delicate and unrepeatable, colorful and toned colors, our necklaces are the essence of femininity and the latest fashion trends connected with centuries of tradition of jewelry art.

In each necklace found in our collection is hidden elegance, shine and a unique kind of beauty. We are convinced that these unusual characteristics of our products are due to our philosophy of crafting silver jewelry.

Necklaces as other types of jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and brooches are made with artistic hand techniques with a little help from the simplest of tools. Every woman who wears a necklace, one crafted by our finest jewelry artisans in particular, will feel unbelievably special. Along with this feeling is the consciousness of the uniqueness of each of our pieces, because each masterpiece is created only once and according to only one pattern, which is never used again.

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Item Type:NecklaceWeight:86.50gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:QuartzOther stones:Citrine, Amethy..
Ex Tax: $86.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:105.90gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:AmethystInner circumference:18 in..
Ex Tax: $105.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:50.50gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:Golden Topartz Quartz Inner c..
Ex Tax: $66.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:76.60gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:AgateOther stones:Hematite, Golden..
Ex Tax: $76.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:85.70gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:Ammonite Fossil Inner circumf..
Ex Tax: $85.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:60.00gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:MultigemOther stones:Garnet, Ameth..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:22.00gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:AmmoliteInner circumference:20 inc..
Ex Tax: $22.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:22.00gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:AmmoliteInner circumference:20 inc..
Ex Tax: $22.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:114.80gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:AgateOther stones:Purple Turquois..
Ex Tax: $114.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:52.80gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:AmethystInner circumference:18 inc..
Ex Tax: $52.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:114.70gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:Dichroic Inner circumference..
Ex Tax: $114.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:42.60gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:SmInner circumference:20 inchDrop ..
Ex Tax: $56.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:41.20gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:Smoky TopazInner circumference:20 ..
Ex Tax: $54.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:55.70gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:Blister PearlInner circumference:1..
Ex Tax: $55.00
Item Type:NecklaceWeight:79.50gMaterial:Sterling SilverMain stone:OnyxOther stones:White Topaz, Fres..
Ex Tax: $79.00
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