Silver Bracelets & Bangles

Bracelets are a kind of jewelry, like the rings that form a hand ornament. Well-chosen silver bracelet combined with a beautiful ring creates a gorgeous combination adorning the hand of a woman.

Our silver bracelets are particularly suitable for emphasizing the beauty of their owners while being a small but essential part of their dress or outfit. Bracelets in the Silverrush store are created with handcrafted technique, manual casting, filling of stones, a centuries old and difficult task because every bracelet has a few and sometimes even several stones in its design.

While choosing the stones for our bracelets, we pay special attention to the shape, color and type of stone. It's tedious work of proper selection. Due to the fact that we know the craft of our bracelets, we have the most unique bracelets in the world. Stones used in their manufacture, such as agate, amber, amethyst or larimar are imported by us from the farthest corners of the world in order to create a work of jewelry art and enclose it in a silver bracelet that gently wraps around the hand of its owner. Since the beginning of time, people were willing to sacrifice a lot for these kinds of tasteful and elegant accessories. Sometimes we can wear a few bracelets on the same hand, creating mystical circles, colored cords or intricately woven web of patterns of stones in silver design.

We most often use semi-precious stones such as turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby or Natural Coral for crafting our bracelets.

We do this because we know that only such stones will guarantee a uniqueness of design, good taste and elegance.

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